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Ica - Paracas

Surprising stop in Peruvian desert

Mar 20, 2019 comment(s)

We arrived in Ica after 16 hour bus. This is the first time since Amazonia that te weather is hot and we liked it so much.


The small town has nothing to see or do. We directly went to Huacachina, located 20 min away. This small village is located around an oasis in the middle of the desert. In Peru, it is so surprising!
The atmosphere is really nice, we had some refreshing Pisco Sour (local cocktail). But the main activity was to go on the dunes with a buggy. We booked this activity as expert, having done it in Dubai and Oman.
We were actually positively surprised how high were the dunes and the desert was bigger than expected. We even did sandboarding and had so much fun. Édouard went down extremely high dunes, it was really scary!


We finally reached the coast after 1h bus! Again it is nice and warm.
The first day, we rented bikes and visited the reserve. The landscapes were stunning. It even reminded us the Great Ocean Road un Australia.
We spent some time at beautiful La Mina beach, but water was a bit too cold for us.
At night, we ate an amazing ceviche and rice with seafood. We both felt so good to be back to the beach!
The next day, we booked a boat tour to the Islas Bellestas. It is not allowed to walk on it that’s why we had to take a tour (people who know us know we HATE tours in group). Despite the group effect, it was nice to observe fauna: pingouins, lots of sea lions, birds...