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Pasto/Tatacoa desert

Tatacoa desert

May 6, 2019 comment(s)

After 5-hour bus, we arrived at the Ecuador/Colombia border. We read lots of article to be prepared. Indeed, hundreds of Venezuelans cross the border everyday to go to Peru for a better life.

We saw many of them, some families with huge luggage showing they have left everything, some young people with dirty clothes.

Being non-Venezuelans, we have a special line and it was very fast for both side (Ecuador and Colombia). The border policeman stamped our passport and wished us a warm welcome. Here we are, in the last South American country of this trip!

Our first stop is Pasto, a nice city with many colourful churches. It was also from there that we went to the village of the Laguna Cocha. It was very cute with a canal, boats and small bridges. We also ate delicious trout.

We kept going North and after many buses and 2 entire days, we arrived in Villavieja, small town at the Tatacoa desert’s gates. Yes, there is a desert in Colombia! There are 2 parts: one ochre and one grey.

We walked the first day until the area of Cuzco where the rock is red. It was impressive and beautiful! It was so hot, 35 degrees easy.

The following day, we took a tuk-tuk to reach the grey part of the desert which is further. We started to visit the Xilopalos valley which has no sign. As expected, we got lost in the western landscapes. It is the first time we are that happy to be under the rain as it is so refreshing!

We then walked until Los Hoyos path which was quite short. The shape of the rocks was just amazing and the landscapes stunning! At the end of the loop, we enjoyed a swimming pool stuck between rocks. It was such a nice moment.