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Thank you - Our farewell and Engagement party

May 5, 2018 comment(s)

Let's celebrate!

We couldn't leave Australia without thanking all the people who participated in making our life amazing! We organised a farewell that was also our engagement party, as Edouard proposed me during a weekend trip away in Fiji in February.

35 friends were present and that was definitely one of our best moments in Sydney! Everything was there. The food ordered from a French caterer was really tasty and well presented. I am always worried about quantity but we actually had way too much food. Most of all, the day was full of emotions, from tears of joy to laughs.

Award ceremony

When preparing this event, we decided to organise an award ceremony to higlight strenghts of our friends. We then had the occasion to thank them individually and surely get rid of lots of thing we couldn't sell.

The winners were:

  • The greediest friend: Min
  • The funniest friends: David and Justine
  • The best colleagues: Michelle, Kerrie, Esther
  • The best manager: Juan
  • Always late: Ali (who actually arrived late on that day, just before starting the ceremony)
  • The most adventurous friend: Tony
  • The best sisters: Lucile, Stephanie
  • The best cook (not cooker...): Aurelie
  • The best traveller: Sarah

What a gift!

After all of this, we received a beautifully decorated and customised box from our friends. Inside, we found some envelopes with vouchers for activities to be used during our round the world trip. That was such an amazing idea and we couldn't have been happier!

I knew it already but this has shown again that we have been surrounded by extraordinary friends whilst in Sydney.


We also took lots of pictures with a Polaroid. There was also a guest book where participants had to answer questions about us (where do they see us in 5 years time?, tips for a successful marriage, etc.). We haven't read it yet as we keep it for the plane on our way to France. It is very hard to wait until then as we know how fun our friends are.

We love you

Love was in the air. Not only the one we have for each other but also the one of our friendship. You made this day unique by being with us. We just don't know how to thank you!