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Guajira region

The northernmost point of South America

May 31, 2019 comment(s)

We kept exploring the Caribbean coast, East from Santa Marta. The objective was to visit Guajira region, mainly located in the desert.


Our first stop was in this hippie beach town. The beach is very long and the water turquoise and warm. The river and the sea meet together which makes a perfect to swim in fresh water while enjoying the sound of the waves!

We spent 2 days relaxing and swimming. We also had lots of rain in the afternoons so the hammocks of Coco Sankala hôtel were perfect. We also ate a huge pizza , probably the best one in South America!

Guajira peninsula

We shared a taxi to Riohacha, at the doorstep of the desert. The walkway along the beach is nice with many indigenous selling handmade colourful bags (Annabelle figured out she didn't need one) and still the turquoise water in the background.

This is where we booked our next 2-day excursion in Guajira peninsula where lives the highest indigenous population of Colombia. After 1 hour drive, we had a flat tyre. Problem was that our driver didn't have the right tools to change it! And like every desert we are visiting (Atacama, Uyuni, Jaisalmer in India), it rained!

We eventually arrived at the salt marshes of Manaure. After a short stop, we headed to Cabo de la Vela, the most beautiful place of the region. We had lunch just in front of the sea. The bay is quiet and the grilled fish excellent. Many poor indigenous were around trying to sell us souvenirs.
After lunch, we headed to Ojo del Agua. We walked along the beach and on the way met with 2 iguanas and many pelicans. It is a wonderful place and thanks to the storm that started we had amazing colours in the sky. We won't be able to enjoy the sunset from the lighthouse as it was raining heavily. We came back to the guest house and after a refreshing shower, storm passed and let a clear pinkish sky, so beautiful!

For the last day, we went to the Pilon de Azucar, the northernmost point of South America that we will visit. On the way we stopped at sand dunes, we were definitely in a desert! The view from the top is stunning. Lots of small beaches with cristal blue water and golden sand, such a paradise!