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El Chalten

Trek in Patagonia

Jan 9, 2019 comment(s)

The bus dropped us at the visitor centre of El Chalten in order to get a brief of the different walks, the weather, etc. We built our itinerary for the next 6 days to come. We decided to start with a 3-night trekking which will take us to the main sites.

We only rented a stove and a sauce pan because the rest is already in our backpacks. During those 4 days, we carried tent, mattresses, sleeping bags, food and all our belongings for a total of around 20 kg each! Of course, we weren’t as fast as usual, but we did great.

Day 1

We walked 2 hours to get to Laguna Capri where the campground for our first night is located. During the walk, we met a rare type of deer and were under the snow! In Patagonia, climate can change extremely quickly.

Arriving at Laguna Capri, the weather was not good but as soon as the sun came back, we discovered an amazing view on Fitz Roy mount with the lake foreground.

Day 2

It is a sunny day, so we went straight to the most famous walk of the park. It took us just in front of Fitz Roy mount. After having settled our camp, we started the steep path to the mount. Arriving there, we were stunned by the beauty of the landscape: snowy Fitz Roy mount and turquoise lake below it. We dreamed so much about this place when building our world trip itinerary, we finally made it!

By walking on the small hill on the left, we discovered another lake (even more blue) at the bottom of a huge glacier. Cherry on the cake, a condor flew right above us.

Despite many tourists on that day, we managed to find quiet places away from the crowd.

Day 3

We started a long walk to reach another path. On the way, we met a rabbit and other condors but unfortunately, no puma! After having settled our camp, we started the walk to the Mirador Maestri. From there, we should see a glacier and a lake. Unfortunately, the weather stopped us with a very strong wind. Impossible to go further on the edge. We just went back near the lake where we could hold some ice from the glacier.

Day 4

Morning surprise, weather is great with no wind. We put our shoes on to complete the walk missed from the previous day. We discovered landscapes completely different without any cloud. Once again, the view is stunning. The glacier is bigger than we thought, and we can hear it cracking.

We went back to El Chalten very enthusiastic about this successful adventure. We will rest a bit before starting a new one!