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El Chalten

Trek to Laguna Toro

Jan 13, 2019 comment(s)

After 2 nights of rest, we wake up again at dawn to start a 2-day trek.
We had to register ourselves at the visitor centre because this track is in a remote area. Indeed, from the first few kilometres we met wild cows! Landscapes were completely different from the previous walks. We went through a green valley. In the background, always beautiful snowy mountains.
Arriving at the campground, we saw the beginning of a glacier and a lake. Once again, it was gorgeous. We met a French girl, Lise which who we spent the afternoon and the night talking about our travel plan.
The following day, we took the same pathway to go back to the city.
After all those days trekking, our legs are so sore and the last kilometres are difficult! Our feet, legs, shoulders are giving us up... we calculated that during those 2 treks we walked around 80 km!

We will now be able to rest as we have a 24 hour bus trip ahead...