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Waterberg National Park

Trip in Waterberg National Park

Sep 3, 2019 comment(s)

We arrived at Waterberg Park, known for its beautiful rock formation. That’s not it, there are also rhinos in the reserve. We booked a safari and were not disappointed. We crossed path a rhino family and took quite some time observing them and taking pictures. There even was a baby!

We had a flat tyre which gave us the opportunity to stay longer with the rhinos. Whereas we were heading back to the lodge, we met with giraffes! We were SUPER excited!!!! Giraffes!!!! Namibia is definitely full of surprises.

The tour ended with drinks at sunset.

After eating kudu for dinner, we sat on the terrace of our great chalets with a glass of wine, under the Milky Way. A romantic memory of this honeymoon.

The following day, we decided to hike around the Park. We thought we would only walk around to see landscapes but we actually saw animals again! First, many rock dassies. Then, we met dozen of non agressive baboons but Annabelle was still afraid.

Thank you very much for funding this part of our honeymoon: 

  • Anthony for the rhino drive; 
  • Marine & Emilie and their families for the amazing time in Waterberg