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Unforgettable safari in Etosha

Sep 7, 2019 comment(s)

We entered Etosha national park from the Eastern gate. We had 4 days to explore the park and encounter all the animals. We were totally autonomous and could drive wherever we wanted.

The plan was to reach Okaukuejo and stop by waterholes on the way. Being in dry season, it is easier to see animals close to those waterholes. We watched them from our car, it is obviously prohibited to get out our vehicle.

Moments where animals reached the waterholes are astonishing, like zebras and wildebeests lining up. They take time to look around and always stay quiet.

From the beginning, we were surprised by how easy it was to spot animals and how close we were from them, maybe 5 to 10 meters average.

It would be too long to describe every day of our trip in Etosha but here are some highlights:

  • Our first sunset with giraffes and zebras drinking together, like in a National Geographic documentary.
  • One of the first elephants we saw, huge, near the road. After observing it for a while, it crossed just in front of te car. A very intense moment.
  • Generally animals crossing the road which offered us an incredible show. Giraffes were pretty good at this!
  • Two male lions at the camping waterhole. We were expected them so much, they came. Seeing them coming from away and hearing them roar was crazy!
  • Four unexpected rhinos at night. Just before going to bed, we wanted to have a quick look at the waterhole again, we did well!
  • A black rhino, endangered species seen in a desert valley.
  • A hyaena who welcomes us in a waterhole. It didn’t look very friendly...
  • One female lion and its seven cubs. At first we saw her resting then cubs came to her. 1 cub, then 2, then 3, then 7 cubs! We couldn’t believe it and we saw the whole family walking away.
  • Time spent at waterholes like Okaukuejo at night. We sat down for hours watching the animals coming and leaving. It was like a show that never ends.

We left Etosha feeling that we could have stayed there for weeks. We really felt like a dream during those 4 days.

For our curious friends, here is the list of all the animals we saw in Etosha:

zebra, kudu, oryx, impala, dik dik, springbok, hartebeest, steenbok, girafe, gnou, ground squirell, lion, african wildcat, jackal, spotted hyaena, banded mangoose, warthog, white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, elephant, black-chested snake-eagle, martial eagle, ostrich, secretarybird, double banded courser, red-billed hornbill, yellow-billed hornbill, crismon breasted shrike, helmeted guineafowl, kori bustard, northern black korhaan.

Thank you very much for funding this part of our honeymoon: 

  • Helene & Ilyace for the entrance tickets to Etosha; 
  • Laura & Tristan for 4 incredible camping nights in the Etosha Park.