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Version 2

Jun 23, 2019 comment(s)

Pour nos un an de tour du monde, nous vous promettions une surprise, la voici ! Un site web avec quelques changements de design mais surtout de nouvelles fonctionnalités pour une simplicité d’utilisation.

A few weeks ago, we did say that we were preparing a surprise, there it is! A new version of the website with some design changes but mostly new features.

Below is the list of features we added:

  • A wider image gallery on mobile to enjoy the amazing pictures we publish
  • Two buttons "previous" and "next" article in order for you to navigate through all our articles in chronological order 
Next and Previous article navigation buttons

  • You can now subscribe to our newsletter via the form at the bottom of every page. We will send a mail 2 times a week with the latest articles links and what we loved during the past days. So subscribe now!
Newsletter form

  • A search bar from which you can find any article

  • For geeks among our readers, we created an RSS Feed
  • A language selector in navigation (easier to find)

  • Many bugs have been fixed as well. Also, a new server infrastructure has been set up. Website is now more stable and performant.

Please let us know in the comments what you think of this new version or if you found any bugs. Would really appreciate your feedback.