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We floated on the dead sea

Oct 11, 2019 comment(s)

We left Madaba for a day that ended in Dana.

Our first stop was at Mount Nebo, from which we could see Israel. It is also were Moses would have contemplated the promised land before dying. The view was stunning!

We then stopped, super excited, in one of the hotels that are in border of the Dead Sea. We were expecting a greenish sea but the water was blue and clear. We jumped straight in the water and how fun it was! A third of our body stayed above the water, therefore it was impossible to swim! We had lots of fun but had to get out as it started to be itchy because water is very salty.

Our last stop was in Karak, where we visited a citadel with lots of very nice view points.

By the end of the afternoon we reached Dana village. After a really tasty dinner (Kefta meatballs) at Dana Moon Hotel, we went to bed early because we expected a long hike the next day.

Departure by car with a Belgian traveller we met the night before, ready to dicover wadi Al Ghwayr. First kilometers were impressive. We walked in the middle of the canyon, sometimes very narrow and landscapes were breathtaking. The highlight of this hike was at half-way when suddenly, palm trees appeared from above. We kept walking along the canyon with hanging gardens above our heads.

It certainly was one of the best hikes we did.