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North of the island

Weather is great in Iceland!

Jul 31, 2019 comment(s)

Day 3

We started our trip in the North by the must see Godafoss waterfall. It was so impressive!

We then headed to Myvatn lake without knowing what to expect. The first stop was a nice walk around craters. Original and beautiful.

The second stop was incredible. We walked along the lake on a peninsula. We could see a lot of small islands and a very clear water.

We also did the walk around Hverfjall crater with a view on the lake.

Finally, we went to Húsavík, the best spot of Iceland to do whales watching. We booked a tour from 8pm to 11pm. The sky was so clear on that day. We saw many whales, some of them very close! Impressive but hard to take pictures. Light was amazing with sunset during the whole time. Great way to end the day before finding a wonderful spot for camping.

Day 4

For our second day in the North, we stopped in a boiling mud area. Landscapes are extraordinary. 

We then walked around Krafla Viti crater which has a blue lake at the bottom of it, breathtaking!

The huge Dettifoss waterfall was in the middle of black volcanic landscapes and felt down the canyon, hypnotising.

Finally, we went to a canyon surrounded by basalt columns. It is a bit dangerous as there isn’t any fence but it was lovely.

Iceland has definitely so much to offer!