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Welcome to the blue city

Jul 2, 2018 comment(s)

We were looking forward to visit Chefchaouen. We have heard so much about it and we were not disappointed. We have been amazed by both the beauty of the village and the landscapes around.

The blue city

Chefchaouen village is located at 600 m high in the middle of the mountains where the atmosphere is so relaxed. Despite the altitude, it is hot (28 to 33 degrees) but there is always some fresh air, the climate is ideal!

We are now close to Spain, so the locals don’t speak French any more (neither English to be honest). Luckily, Edouard can speak Spanish with them. Here, we can walk safely without being annoyed by the Moroccan people wanting us to follow them or buying them something.

Once again, we spent hours walking around passing by alleys more and more beautiful. There is an impressive gradient of blue everywhere: on the doors, walls, windows, etc.

We found a lot of rooftop terraces with a great view on the city and the mountains around. We spent a lot of time drinking tea and fresh orange juice observing the views where time stopped.

We also went to some hills around the city to see the Medina and enjoy a great sunset.

Honestly, the atmosphere and the landscape are difficult to describe, you better look at the pictures!

A day in Akchour

We took a shared taxi to join Akchour where we did some hiking. We chose the one taking approximately 3 to 4 hours return that brought us to a waterfall. We took 6 hours total including 2 long stops! I have been a bit sick the last few days, so the walk was in a slow mode.

We walked following the path going up stream and crossed the water around 10 times. Nature is amazing and not many people are here. We finally arrived at the waterfall very tired and hot, so we put our feet in the water but it was FREEZING! On the way back, we stopped at one of the cafes in the middle of the nature. We had an orange juice, feet in the water on top of a cascade, magic moment.

We loved this city so much and recommend everyone to visit it. Life is great in Chefchaouen!