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Santa Marta

Welcome to the Caribbean coast!

May 24, 2019 comment(s)

We took a flight to reach our final destination: Caribbean coast! We landed in Santa Marta and went directly to Minca region. Finca Carpe Diem, our lovely hotel is located 30 min motorbike ride from Bonda. It had 3 swimming pools! We spent 3 amazing days swimming in both rivers and pools in the middle of the jungle, eating mangoes, play cards... We also had good company as we met a friendly couple from Canada.

We came back to Santa Marta and stayed 2 days to enjoy the tropical atmosphere. Nothing much to do in Santa Marta, people come here for the surroundings. The second day, we went to Taganga, a fishing village where we could walk 15 min to reach a beach. We were disappointed... the beach is dirty with plastics and too many people.

We caught up with Lise, met at the beginning of our trip in Patagonia! With her, we travelled to Tayrona National Park, the most famous one in Colombia. We walked 1h30 to the camping spot on the first day. Then the rain started... we played cards for the rest of the day. The next day, we left the camping early to enjoy a bit of sun. We hiked to Cabo San Juan, the most beautiful beach of the park. On the way, we saw monkeys, frogs and a huge alligator! Arriving around 8am, there are not many tourists and the sea is crystal blue, we were very happy!

We left early afternoon to eat a fresh grilled fish before heading back to Santa Marta.

We will continue our road along the coast, looking for less touristic places.