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San Carlos de Bariloche

Welcome to the Switzerland of Argentina

Jan 16, 2019 comment(s)

The bus from El Chalten took more than 25 hours to arrive in Bariloche! When we arrived, it was very late and raining. We initially planned to camp but realised that the camping was very far, so we had to improvise. After going to a few fully booked hotels, we finally found one available and overspent the budget!! It doesn’t matter because we slept in a proper bed and we were not wet!

The following day, we explored the city centre and we found it really nice and peaceful. We planned our next few days and a few hours later, we climbed the hill of the Cerro Campanario. From there, there are great panoramic views on the lake. We also saw some beaches around the lake where the locals like to spend time in summer (therefore now).

For our second day, we booked a unique experience: a day in an estancia, a rural property in the Argentinian pampa (pretty similar to a ranch in North America). We had breakfast then they gave us information about the animals around (especially condor and deer). 

We then rode horses during two hours across the Argentinian steppe. It was amazing and we didn’t expect such a beautiful landscape. The estancia is located 40 min away from Bariloche, as soon as we rode the horses for a few minutes, we felt like in American Far West. We even crossed rivers with our friendly horses. We watched the gauchos (herders) handling them with so much ease.

After this great ride, again feeling so far away from home, we ate meat cooked on the barbecue. As usual, there is way too much. After discussing with Argentinian people, they said that they usually buy half a kilo of meat per person for a barbecue, insane!!

Our stay in Bariloche started really well. It is now time to go back to walking tracks!