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When ocean and desert meet

Sep 15, 2019 comment(s)

We headed towards West to reach the Atlantic coast. Arriving at Swakopmund, we checked in at the Stiltz hotel where we stayed in a incredible bungalow with sea and desert views. We could even see from our terrace camels and flamingos.

The first restaurant in a while The Tug, allowed us to taste excellent fresh fish.

The following morning, we woke up early to go to Walvis bay and do kayaking. The main interest of this activity is to paddle in the middle of seals. Arriving at the beach, we saw thousands of them, very noisy! Our guide explained us that there were around 50000 along this coast.

We spent quite some time in the water with those curious seals, they didn’t leave us alone. A very funny moment that we will not forget.

In the afternoon, we did another tour in Sandwich Harbour, a desert and national park. Its main specificity is that it is located in front of the ocean. Dune bashing was fun! As everywhere in Namibia, there was wildlife and this time we met endemic lezards and austrich.

Thank you very much for funding this part of our honeymoon:

  • Sarah A., Juan & Abbey, Brigitte for the Kayak and Dune bashing activities; 
  • Lucile & Angelo & Zoé for the night at the Stiltz.